During the course, the instructor will provide comprehensive safety education and training. Participants are also responsible for their own health management and safety. In the event of an injury or accident during the instruction, no claims for compensation will be made against the ski school.


If there is any discomfort, please immediately inform the instructor and allow them to assist you.
10 safety tips at the ski resort:
Warm-up: Prepare yourself physically and mentally with warm-up exercises.
Merge Point Safety: Slow down, stop, look, and listen near merge points. Confirm safety before continuing skiing.
Priority on the Slopes: The skier in front has the right of way since they can’t see those behind them. When overtaking another skier, maintain a safe distance to avoid collisions.
Follow Warning Signs: Stop immediately when you see warning signs, confirm the instructions, and act accordingly.
Control Speed: Maintain control of your speed to avoid collisions with obstacles.
Proper Use of Equipment: Snow equipment is designed for our safety. Incorrect usage can easily lead to injuries.
Consideration for Others: When resting, be mindful of others’ safety. Avoid stopping in areas where you may obstruct others’ view or path.
Cable Car Safety: Pay attention to safety when boarding and disembarking from cable cars, ensuring you don’t inconvenience others.
Functional Clothing: Prioritize clothing that provides warmth and functionality.
Accidents: In the event of an accident, place your skis in the snow above the accident site to prevent others from colliding. Do not leave the scene and wait for medical personnel. Provide them with details about the situation.
After Skiing:
After skiing, perform stretching exercises to prevent muscle injuries.
Check if any personal belongings or equipment have been left behind. Remove snow and ice from your equipment before entering the hotel.
Rest adequately, stay hydrated, and enjoy activities such as soaking in hot springs or shopping.
■ 滑雪之後注意事項:
檢查個人服裝、器材是否有遺落,進入飯店前清除器材上的冰雪 。

Once payment is completed, all courses are non-cancellable and non-reschedulable, and no refunds will be issued for cancelled courses.

Courses may be postponed or rescheduled only in the event of uncontrollable factors such as extreme weather, natural disasters, or the unavailability of instructors or examiners due to accidents. Otherwise, rescheduling is not possible.

Refunds will not be provided for reasons such as flight tickets, accommodation, transportation, or personal health conditions if attendees are unable to participate in the respective courses.