4-hour private ski lesson (China Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort)

$1,050.00 Includes credit card payment processing fee 4 hours

1) One-on-one全日四小時課程 每人: HKD 3,200
2) One-on-two全日四小時課程 每人: HKD 1,900
3) One-on-three全日四小時課程 每人: HKD 1,500
4) One-on-four全日四小時課程 每人: HKD 1,300
5) One-on-five全日四小時課程 每人: HKD 1,160
6) 一對六人 全日四小時課程 每人: HKD 1,050

*All fees do not include ski resort lift passes, Ski equipmen, accommodation or transportation expenses.

*Before making payment, we willemailconfirm availability and prices.
We are located at the Indoor Ski Resort in Guangzhou, China. Half Cab Japan is an authorized ski school by the resort, offering skiing lessons in multiple languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. We provide internationally recognized ski instructor training and certification.
If you need a specific coach or have any other enquiry, please feel free to email us at info@halfcab.jp
To室內滑雪場skiing and snowboarding are undoubtedly exciting, but it is important to be aware that skiing is a sport with inherent risks. Before skiing, remember to wear protective gear. Additionally, it is necessary to purchase travel insurance on your own, and when purchasing travel insurance, pay attention to whether the plan includes coverage for skiing. Otherwise, in the event of any accidents, you may not be eligible for compensation.


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