4-hour Private Ski Lesson (Madarao and Tangram Ski Resort, Nagano, Japan)

$3,200.00 Includes credit card payment processing fee 4 hours

Madarao and Tangram Ski Resort私人滑雪課程價目表:
1) 一至三人 全日四小時課程: HKD 3,200
2) 四至六人 全日四小時課程: HKD 4,300
*Before making payment, we willemailconfirm availability and prices.
We are located at the Banao Tokyu Ski Resort in Nagano's Banao Highlands. We offer genuine Japanese ski lessons, multi-language skiing courses (Cantonese, Mandarin and English), coaching appointments at ski resorts all over Japan, and training and assessment for internationally recognised ski instructors.
If you need a specific coach or have any other enquiry, please feel free to email us at info@halfcab.jp
While it's exciting to go skiing in Japan, it's important to remember that skiing is a sport with inherent risks. Before hitting the slopes, make sure to wear protective gear. Additionally, it is essential to purchase travel insurance that specifically covers skiing. When buying travel insurance, pay attention to whether the plan includes coverage for skiing activities. Otherwise, you may not be eligible for compensation in case of accidents or incidents.


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